Added features to the blog system


Recently, I've been tinkering around with Luke Smith's 'lb' script and adding various useful features.

The most useful one (which you will notice at the bottom of this entry) is the new (Reply-to) link at the end of all articles. This is appended automatically by the script everytime I publish a new article, and it works on RSS as well! This way, people have a convenient way of contacting me about any article; The link also sets the subject of your email to the title of my article, for extra comfiness.

One minor addition is that I fixed the links in the RSS feed. Now my articles link directly to their blog page counterparts, and not to the very unhelpful rolling blog page. I hope this makes reading my articles more convenient for all.

I am considering getting rid of the rolling blog page in future, or maybe adding some extra features. If you have any suggestions, click the "Reply-to" link and send me an email with your ideas!