Inktober 2023

October 1, 2023

I’m participating in Inktober this year, and all the artwork will be published to this page.

Now, before you complain that I’m not using real ink for all my paintings here, I have a pretty good excuse: I’m learning how to use a new piece of digital drawing equipment I am yet to mention here. An article about it will be published after this month, so look out for that!

October 1st: “Dream”

I had a dream that I saw you, and I woke up in my halloween costume. In a room full of ghosts and witches’ brooms, but then I fell asleep and I lost you.

(This is a lyric from a song I really like.)

October 2nd: “Spiders”

This drawing is based off webb from “Don’t Starve”.

October 3rd: “Path”

Which way, computer man? This is a pretty on-the-nose parody of the famous “two paths” meme - with a Linux twist. Will the modern computer guy/man pick the world of libre and freedom, or the comically evil proprietary Windows castle?

October 4th: “Dodge”

It is with great sadness that I announce that today’s drawing is… VIDEOGAME THEMED. That’s right, I couldn’t think of any real-life situation where I’d have to dodge something (that would also be fun to draw), so here’s my character in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” dodging a laser beam from one of the Guardian enemies in the game. Horse added to distract you from poor cartoon anatomy.

October 5th: “Map”

I’ve always wanted to make a “map of open source” or similar, so this prompt was a fantastic excuse!

October 6th: “Golden”

It’s true. I made another videogame drawing. Based on this video.

October 7th: “Drip”

It’s all about the ice-cold drip. This is actually how I used to dress to school.

October 8th: “Toad”

The truth is, it wasn’t the funghi we should’ve been fearing. It was the literal toads.

October 9th: “Bounce”

I love Tigger, listen to this remix if you like Tigger!

October 10th: “Fortune”

Anyone ever played Lep’s World?

October 11th: “Wander”

Wander over Yonder was a cool show, too bad they never started any revolutions.

October 12th: “Spicey”

The spicy spray from pikmin. I’d consider it a type of spice too. Probably really good on eggs.

October 13th: “Rise”

I drew this tower-rise-thing. The language on it doesn’t mean anything btw, it’s just a vaguely arabic script.

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