Lots of people on the Webring!


Alright, I know, the "webring" is not actually a proper webring, just a list of poorly-linked websites, but I had no idea what to name the page otherwise.

I've added lots of new websites to the webring page! I've also added colorful icons next to everyone, for extra visual flair! I'm probably going to add a few more friends there, and maybe some social media links too.

Anyways, in other news, the shift over to the new domain, denshi.org, begins! I've already moved the PeerTube and the wiki but the Matrix server will take a while to move over, if I move it at all. I am considering switching over to XMPP though...

Anyways, I hope whoever's subscribed to this RSS feed keeps enjoying these new articles! I have tons more where this one came from!