Updates: A new DenshiWiki! (With l33t early-web GIFs)

Thu, 16 Dec 2021 20:30:32 +0400

Well, here it is again!

The DenshiWiki has received a complete re-vamp, to make it easier to read, maintain and contribute to!

Firstly, the backend I'm using is no longer MediaWiki. MediaWiki is the PHP/LEMP Stack software used by large wikis like Wikipedia and AE, and while it has lots of features and configurability, it's really suited more towards massive deployments, not a tiny wiki for some obscure YouTuber. The software I opted for is both minimalist and very configurable: Mycorrhiza!

Mycorrhiza is absolutely amazing

Mycorrhiza is truly a diamond in the rough when it comes to wiki software. So many wiki projects are outdated or ridiculously bloated, while Mycorrhiza is just a simple backend written in Go with it's own basic systems for both git and web editing, and file uploads! The only inconvenience is that it uses it's own custom markup language named "Mycomarkup" which has features both from Markdown and the Mediawiki markup language. Mycormarkup is really easy to pick up and learn, but it took a while to convert each individual article from the old wiki to the new format.

Sections and subsections ("Subhyphae")

Mycorrhiza names any page on the wiki a Hypha (Plural: Hyphae). If a hyphae is created "under" another, as in Software/Linux, then the Linux hypha is a subhypha of the Software hypha.

All this means is that the wiki is now divided into sections which allows for much more organization.

Want an account?

One final note: I've currently created a few users to maintain the wiki. If you want an account to edit the wiki, email me about it at alex@denshi.org