My Friends



This is my friend Popy's YouTube channel! He makes some real fun videos, and is featured in many of my streams and playlists!



My friend Monstro's personal site and music collection. He also has a PeerTube instance and his very own Matrix server, where you can contact him!



Artist responsible for the amazing thumbnail to my Rosalina's Storybook Video and countless other outstanding drawings available on her RSS feed.



One my friends, that got me so much into self-hosting! If it weren't for the fact he's perpetually awake, I wouldn't have gotten half as far as I have today. Go say hello on his Pleroma too!



One of my long-time best friends and fellow YouTuber, good ol' Vitanam! One of the kindest and best person I've ever met, he's even donated his YouTube money to charity.



Fellow free-software enthusiast, Vicky's website is sure to make you think about the next time you decide to boot up non-free software. He's a true believer in privacy and freedom!


Zorta Zert

The FOSS man himself! He's always writing new articles, making new 3D models and publishing new videos to his PeerTube. Proving once and for all that libre software will never limit the creative capabilities of people!



This link is for my friend Nick's YouTube channel! He makes comedy videos just like Popy, but occasionally films his adorable dog Coco; Nick is also very multilingual, and super invested in learning new languages, like Spanish and Italian.

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