Here are some cool websites, friends and other things!

The Official Uno

My friend Uno's personal website. He makes 3D art and posts it to his blog and RSS feed.


My friend Monstro's personal site and music collection. He also has a PeerTube instance and his very own Matrix server, where you can contact him!


My friend and fellow YouTuber Vitanam's website, where he links a few of his social medias. check out his channel for some really well-made videos!


Artist responsible for the amazing thumbnail to my Rosalina's Storybook Video and countless other outstanding drawings that she posts to her Twitter!


One my friends, that got me so much into self-hosting! If it weren't for the fact he's perpetually awake, I wouldn't have gotten half as far as I have today. Go say hello on his Pleroma too!


A website I made to inform people about Wownero, an innovative fork of Monero.

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