Backyard Bees

May 22, 2023

Some Apis Florea had settled in my backyard a few weeks ago.

The beehive in my backyard.

Initially, my family thought they were wasps. So, we called up the exterminator and sent pictures of the hive.

The beehive up close.

Upon seeing pictures of the hive up-close, the exterminator determined that they weren’t actually wasps, but Arabian bees. The bees couldn’t just be sprayed and exterminated traditionally; Beecause bees are protected, they had to be carefully removed.

The beehive in my backyard.

The remover, a professional from central France, slowly lifted the hive and placed it into a simple plastic container so they could be relocated. Interestingly, the remover wore absolutely no protective leg-wear. He was out there agitating these bees with cargo shorts.

The beehive in the container.

After they were captured, the nice Frenchman was so kind as to stop by for a conversation with my mother, who speaks fluent French. He also gifted my family what remained of the hive after it had been dislodged from our plants. So we got some fresh honey out of the whole ordeal!

The beehive and honey in a bowl.

I can confirm, honey tastes a lot better when the NEET squatter bees in your own backyard made it for you. Overall this was a really interesting experience, and a happy reminder of the air quality in my neighborhood, one so high as to permit bees to do their work there. It is miraculous what these tiny creatures can do all by themselves.