September 10, 2023

Hi! I’m Denshi, and I make videos, music, text posts and software on the internet.

Despite the breadth of media types I produce, I keep it all neatly organized into different publishing “channels”, available on the platforms you love most:

  • 📺 DenshiVideo, where I post all my videos, is available on YouTube, PeerTube and Odysee.
  • 📖 DenshiWiki, a collaborative collection of text guides, is available here.
  • 🎹 Sabaudia, my band, has its very own website and a Bandcamp.


Over time, I’ve met a multitude of people that have shared my interests or expanded my horizons. These fascinating folks are all well-documented on this website.

→ Meet my friends

Whether you’ve learned something new from my videos, enjoyed my music or have strong opinions about my articles, you can support what I do by donating Monero.


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