EasyPeasy Way to Quit Pornography

June 5, 2023

I have recently made an audiobook of the popular “EasyPeasy” book on quitting pornography.

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(Introduction written by me. EasyPeasy written by Allen Carr, “hackauthor” and Fraser Patterson.)

(DISCLAIMER: I am not a therapist and I do not have first-hand experience with addiction. This reading is meant to be as neutral as possible. It is told from the perspectives of the 3 respective authors. The opinions and experiences shared in this book do not necessarily reflect mine.)

This book is a re-written adaptation of another book on addiction: Allen Carr’s “EasyWay to Stop Smoking”, published in 1985. While every addiction (and individual addict) is different, the spirit of Carr’s original work lives on in this book on pornography: That being the removal of fear. Regardless of what addiction you may be struggling with, the advice given here is invaluable to anyone who wants to retain true control over their mind and body.

The purpose of this book is not to berate, dismiss or patronize the user; on the contrary, it enlightens and inspires you to think critically about your addition, in a way that seems rather natural after reading. Addiction is fear, a fear that drives the user to ignore the very reality of their addicted state. By opening up this book, you’ve already taken an important step in at least considering the possibility you may be addicted.

Most of all however, quitting is easy. The information about to be dispensed will only make you realize that sooner. In just a few chapters, you’ll be excited to finally be free.