The Fox and the Mouse

May 27, 2015

This is a short fable I wrote when I was 9.

Once lived a mouse and a fox. They both lived in a forest. During the day, the fox slept: All day, all that the fox did was to sleep. But the mouse, instead, didn’t sleep all day. He had fun and enjoyed his life. He worked, but he also had fun.

This went on for a long time until one day, while the mouse was running across a field near the forest, he found the fox sleeping under a nearby tree. “Oh look at that fox. If he continues to sleep all day, he’ll end up sleeping his whole life!” Exclaimed the mouse. The mouse tried to wake up the fox in all sorts of ways, but it proved to be impossible. “Come on already fox, you can’t sleep all day!” Said the mouse, while he was trying to push the fox away from the tree (Which was proving to be impossible).

At last the day came where the mouse and the fox died. After dying, the fox felt ashamed of himself because he didn’t enjoy his life like the mouse, while the mouse felt happy that he enjoyed his life until the end.

Moral/Proverb: Seize the day / Carpe diem.