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Here's a page showcasing all the interesting people in the Denshi universe; whether they're regulars on my live streams or collaborators of the channel, everyone is here!

Yo I talked to wackytv and we had a productive convo, I saw his side and he saw mine.

Yo I talked to wackytv and we had a productive convo, I saw his side and he saw mine.

via 🎄𝒵𝒾𝓅🎄 / @ZipZappity December 6, 2022

Useful Browser Extensions

Useful Browser Extensions And Some Extra Browser Tips Hey, folks. Got a very short little article for you this month. I kind of got sidetracked during October, plus that article on my PS2 collection really took the wind out of me. I hope I can release somethin…

via MONSTRO's Website November 27, 2022

Two-Factor Authentication Sucks.

My point in the original article was: depending on the circumstances, two-factor authentication is like a fence — hackers anyone can jump it. Two-factor authentication literally gives the impression of a pharmaceudical drug. It is promoted as a guidance, w…

via Vicky's Blog November 13, 2022

A little 3D demo (WTZ)

Just a small footnote in the history of the Wavetro Test Zone

via THE WAVETRO NEWSLETTER October 17, 2022

Go programs are not viruses.

I develop a tool called murse, which is a CLI for the TVN versioning system. It’s used in the Windows install scripts for Open Fortress, however we’ve been facing an extremely common issue. why windows defender blocking download? Hello, i tried to install O…

via Drew DeVault's blog September 27, 2022

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Popy has a YouTube channel where he makes some real fun videos, and he's also featured in many of my streams and playlists. Experienced in independent electronics repair, Popy is very passionate about self-determination.

[Zip Zap]

Zip Zap

Extremely talented artist and a member of the YouTube "commentary" community: She's responsible for the amazing thumbnail to my Rosalina's Storybook Video and countless other outstanding drawings, all available on her RSS feed.



The friend that got me so much into self-hosting! If it weren't for the fact he's perpetually awake, I wouldn't have gotten half as far as I have today.



Fellow free-software enthusiast and streaming buddy! Vicky's YouTube channel has some cool Linux and software-related videos too. He's a true believer in privacy and freedom!



YouTuber and insanely talented Gmod animator, "Zed" is always a joy to have on stream: Whether he's arguing with someone over politics or just discussing his opinions on technology, Zed is never one to back down from an interesting discussion.



Hyper-brained university Physics student and a reoccurring guest on streams: He's quick to express his vast and thorough knowledge of Physics, Computer Science, Politics, Language and Philosophy with us plebians, offering a stark contrast to our usually more... lay conversations.



Nick has a YouTube channel where he makes comedy videos just like Popy, but occasionally films his adorable dog Coco. Nick is also very multilingual, and super invested in learning new languages, like Spanish and Italian.



My friend Monstro's personal site, complete with a blog and music collection. Michael is a massive Latin enthusiast, and he makes videos on Odysee.



Stellar animator and Blender connoiseur, Wavetro also has a beautiful personal website! On it you can a comprehensive about page, and his own RSS feed.

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