Summer Vacation 2022

July 4, 2022

I’m on vacation for the entirety of July this year. I will not be working on any videos the entire month, although I may relapse and edit my website or work on some self-hosting project here and there.

Fun things I’m doing on vacation

Since I’m on vacation near the coast, I go to the beach every single day and get to enjoy a stereo-typically hot and sunny summer. I unapologetically adore the heat and the sun, not because they don’t make me uncomfortable sometimes (we all know the pain of being in a hot car for too long, or being unable to sleep due to the heat) but because the alternative, freezing myself, sounds far less appealing. Also, it’s a great excuse to eat ice-cream.

I am hard at work making the next Sabaudia album, and a rural vacation like this is a Godsend for creative energy. I’m able to write music much more effectively now that I have less pressure in my life.

Finally, I’ve had the chance to use lots of minimal personal websites and self-hosted services which are made even more useful since I’m operating entirely using a rural internet connection. It’s a good thing I’m not using large, bloated web services! I’ve been updating my personal website in general, too; for example, I added new friends to my friends page.

Fun things I’ll do when I’m back

I’m going to finally make more Wide Web World episodes alongside more long, well-edited videos in general. I know my audience will watch and enjoy the shorter, recorded videos I make, but I get much more fulfillment out of my more thought-out videos. Keep an eye out on YouTube and Odysee!

Anyways, just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean I’ll be completely dead on the internet. If you need support or an account on my services (ie. Matrix) then feel free to email me. Besides that, I hope everyone has a nice summer. See y’all in August!